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End of Service Benefits Calculation in case of Resignation. Case 1: If an employee resigns from the company within two years of joining, he is not entitled to end of service benefits since he has not met the minimum criteria of 2 years Case 2: If an employee resigns from the company after completing 2 years but before 5 years, he is entitled to 1/3rd of his ESB award.

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An Erlang calculator is one of the most useful tools in the call centre toolkit.. along with the average duration of the calls and also the service.

The calculation of length of services in Excel can consume a lot of energy, but we will do it together at ease. 1. Write the dates the employee starts, and the ending date. You should click on the column (1), and type in the date (2). Repeat the 1 & 2 on all employees.

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How to use Microsoft Excel to calculate employees' length of service.

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Length Of Service – Excel: View Answers: I would like to create a formula that would calculate the length of a person’s employment, i.e. hired 8/14/94 till today, for example. Any Ideas will be greatfully accepted. Subscribe for Weekly Excel Tips and Tricks

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Now if you want to calculate the length of service of a person in years, months and days you can use the DATEDIF function. In this example, I calculated the years of service in three ways. The first one gives the output as years, the 2 nd one gives the result as years and months and the 3 rd one gives the full result with years, months and days.